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‘Saya’ is written as 清 in ancient Japanese,

expressing the state of purity, a clear and resonant sound, or a fresh and vivid color.

Fees and Opening Hours

Address3-41-1 Maenocho, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo 174-0063
Opening Hours9:00〜24:00 (last admission at 23:00)
Closed Daysopen throughout the year

※Saya-no-yudokoro may close temporarily several times a year due to facility maintenance.

Admission Fees[ Adult Prices ] Weekdays: ¥900 | Weekends & Holidays: ¥1,200 [Child Prices (Primary School ages and under)] Weekdays: ¥550 | Weekends & Holidays: ¥800

* On busy days(special seasons), depending on the situation, it may be Saturday / Sunday / holiday’s fee. After 5 hours from admission time, it may be 100 yen added every hour. *Payment by credit card is available.(We accept Visa/ Mastercard/ JCB/ AmericanExpress/ Diners.)


Bathing areasShampoo, conditioner and body soap
Dressing roomCotton swabs, hair dryer
For RentalBath & Face Towel Set: ¥330 | Bathrobe: ¥330
For SalesFace Towel: ¥160

Hot Springs

Free-flowing hot springs, a rarity even within Japan,

get a moment of relaxation at our trademark genuine Onsen. The soft translucent white and olive green spring water will surely give you a more profound appreciation of hot springs. Well-equipped with a wide variety of bath types such as open-air baths, pot-shaped baths, lie down baths, hydro massage baths and more.
Free Flowing Hot Spring Bath Free Flowing Hot Spring Bath
Open-Air Bath Open-Air Bath
pot-shaped baths pot-shaped baths
Indoor Bath Indoor Bath
Private Bath Private Bath
Private Bath Private Bath

Bathing Instructions

Private Bath “AKARI”

Price 1 hour / 2,100 yen * The city law of Tokyo Itabashi, men and women aged  7 and up cannot use a private bath together at the same time. * Diaper wearers can use the private bath. * Click here to make a reservation for Private Bath “Akari”.




Savor our signature dish, Juwari Soba, made from 100% Japanese buckwheat flour. Taste the creative Japanese cuisine,created from a meticulous selection of the freshest seasonal while gazing at the picturesque Japanese garden. You can use it without a reservation.

Restaurant-Shitensha Restaurant-Shitensha
Tatami platform seating Tatami platform seating
Secluded seating area Secluded seating area
Salon seating Salon seating
Table seating Table seating
  • Juwari Soba Juwari Soba
    Juwari Soba Juwari Soba
    Juwari Soba Juwari Soba

    Signature Dish Juwari Soba

    (buckwheat noodle)
  • Seasonal Cuisine Seasonal Cuisine
    Seasonal Cuisine Seasonal Cuisine
    Seasonal Cuisine Seasonal Cuisine

    Seasonal Cuisine

    * Cuisine may change depending on the season

A Reserved Room

Business hours 10:30~23:45

  • RoomType1 SAKURA-Room

    RoomType1 SAKURA-Room *You can see our japanese traditional garden.

    Room Size16 square meters.(less than 8 people)
    Price3,200JPY(include tax) 2hours Extra time 1,600JPY(include tax) each 1hour

    *Ordering course meals for 4 or more people: SAKURA-Room 2 hours free of charge.

    *Order of course for 3 persons or less: additional room charge 1,600 yen / 2h is required.

  • RoomType2 OMOTO-Room

    RoomType2 OMOTO-Room

    Room Size12 square meters.(less than 4 people)
    Price2,200JPY(include tax) 2hours Extra time 1,100JPY(include tax) each 1hour
  • RoomType3 KAEDE-Room

    RoomType3 KAEDE-Room *You can see our japanese traditional garden.

    Room Size23 square meters.(less than 14 people)
    Price3,600JPY(include tax) 2hours Extra time 1,800JPY(include tax) each 1hour

* Admission fee will be charged separately. * There is no bath in the private room.

BOOKING for Reserved Room / Course Meal

Japanese Garden

Enjoy a coloring of the four seasons in a picturesque Japanese garden that can be also be viewed from indoors.

Experience the quaint and sensational space.

Bathing Instructions

汉语 한국

Please take a look before taking a Bath.

  • bathing instructions illust

    Guests with tattoos and guests under the influence of alcohol are not able to enter our facility.

  • bathing instructions illust

    Children/seniors wearing diapers and women who are menstruating are unable to use the changing room or shower room.

  • bathing instructions illust

    Guest are not allowed to using cameras and mobiles in the bathroom and changing room.

For everyone’s enjoyment, please observe the following manners.

  • bathing instructions illust

    Before bathing, please shower or wash yourself in hot water.

  • bathing instructions illust

    While taking a shower, be considerate not to splash others nearby.

  • bathing instructions illust

    Please keep your hair or towel out of the bathwater.

  • bathing instructions illust

    Do not be loud anywhere in the bath or sauna.

  • bathing instructions illust

    Do not allow children to play on the premises.

  • bathing instructions illust

    Please do not take books or drinks into the bathroom.

When you come back to the changing room.

  • bathing instructions illust

    Please dry yourself before entering the changing room.

  • bathing instructions illust

    Please wring out any wet towels used in the bath room.

  • bathing instructions illust

    After bathing, please drink water to maintain a healthy balance.


Access via Train
Access via Train
Access via Train

Toei Mita Line,Shimura-Sakaue Station

8 minutes walk from Exit A2


Access via Bus
Access via Bus
Access via Bus
Access via Bus

Tobu Tojo Line Tokiwadai Station

via Kokusai Kogyo Bus “Aka 53” bound for JR Akabane Station West Exit.

Maenocho 4-Chome

approx 1 minute walk



JR Akabane Station

via Kokusai Kogyo Bus “Aka 53” bound for Tobu Tojo Line Tokiwadai Station.

Maenocho 3-Chome

Immediately in front


* Please note that there is no shuttle bus available.
Access via Car
Access via Car
Access via Car
Access via Car

Metropolitan Expressway No. 5

Nakadai Interchange

5 minutes via Prefectural Road No.455



Itabashi-Honcho Interchange

7 minutes via Nakasen-do, National Road No.17,Prefectural Road No.455



1.Free Parking (74 spaces)

Weekday:Free of charge Weekend/Holiday:Free of charge for up to 5 hours.After that, 100 JPY will be added every hour. ※ Busy days may be Saturday / Sunday / Public Holiday fee. Fee for busy days will be limited to 5 hours from entry and there may be an additional 100 yen every hour after that. (After that it costs 100 JPY per hour.) * Please enter the parking lot by taking left turn.  

2.Parking lot:

AEON Style Itabashi Maeno-cho * Free of charge for up to 5 hours. Please take a service ticket at the front desk. * Payment by WAON card is not available.


Q. Do you have a shuttle bus service?

Unfortunately, we don’t offer a shuttle bus service.

Q. Where is the nearest station?

We are located 8 minutes walk from A2 Exit of Toei Mita Line Shimura-Sakaue Station. Visitors can also take a 10 minutes bus from Tobu Tojo Line Tokiwadai Station and JR Akabane Station.

Q. Please advise the walking direction from Shimura-Sakaue Station.

Please follow the guide map (Japanese) for detailed walking direction.

from Shimura-Sakaue Station

Q. Is there a parking lot?

Yes, there is a parking lot for about 74 cars for free.

Q. Do you have bathrobes?

We have bathrobes available for rental at the cost of ¥330.

Q. Do you have towels?

We have rental towels (bath and face towel set) for ¥330. However, you can also bring your own.

Q. Could you tell us about the amenities available?

Shampoo, conditioner and body soap are available in the bathing areas. Cotton swaps and hair dryer are available in the dressing room. Visitors may bring other amenities on their own as well as purchase from the vending machine inside the facility.

Q. Are you open all year?

Open year-round

* We are sometimes closed due to maintenance for about twice a year.
Q. I would like to know your opening hours.

Our opening hours are from 9:00~24:00 (last admission at 23:00).

Q. Do you accept payment by credit card?

You can use a credit card.(We accept Visa/ Mastercard/ JCB/ AmericanExpress/ Diners.)

Q. Can children wearing diapers use the baths?

Unfortunately, we do not allow visitors who wear diapers daily to enter the dressing room and the bathing areas.

Q. Can visitors with tattoos use the facilities?

Unfortunately, we do not allow guests with tattoos (including tattoo stickers and semi-permanent tattoos) regardless of size to enter the baths Were one of our guests to be found with a tattoo, If we found a guest with tattoo, one of our staff would politely ask the guest to leave the facility immediately.

Q. Can wheelchairs and walking-sticks be used in the facility?

Yes, wheelchairs and walking-sticks can be used in the facilities after being sprayed with disinfectant spray. However, due to safety issues, wheelchairs and walking-sticks canes cannot be used in the bathing areas. Please leave wheelchairs and walking-sticks in the dressing room and enter bathing areas with your attendant.

Q. Until what age can boys (or girls) enter the women’s (or men’s) bathing areas?

Until 6 years old. From 7 years old, children are required to enter the bathing areas of their gender.

Q. Can we bring in or take away food and drink?

Due to hygienic issues, we decline all requests to bring in or take away food and drink.

Q. At what times does it get crowded?

The baths tend to be crowded at the times below. You can also inquire one of our staffs before entering the facility for accurate information.

  • – Long Public Holiday (New Year, Golden Ween, O-bon Holiday)
  • – In the afternoon and at the end of the day during long weekends
  • – Saturday: 17:00~23:30
  • – Sunday: 12:00~20:00
Q. Is the bedrock sauna (ganban yoku) divided into men and women’s areas?

The bedrock sauna (ganban yoku) is unisex, where men and women share the same facility.

Q. Do I need to book in advance?

A reservation is not required. Please proceed to the reception upon arriving.

Q. Is it possible to only use the bedrock sauna, dining area, massage and Korean body scrub?

Unfortunately, there is an admission fee upon entrance. Even if the visitors only use the bedrock sauna or dining areas, an admission fee will incur.

Q. The free-flowing bath area is rather small and congested…

We apologize for the inconvenience. According to Tokyo regulation, we can only draw 50t of spring water per day. In order to maintain the genuine free-flowing hot spring that does not use additional water, chemicals, or circulated Onsen water, the size of the bath must be small. Your understanding is very much appreciated.

Q. Is there karaoke and TV?

In order for our guests to relax, we do not have karaoke. There are TVs located in the dry sauna areas.

Q. Can men and women bath together in the private bath?

Unfortunately, according to Tokyo regulation, men and women, including children above 7 years old, are not allowed to bath together.

Q. Is there an expiry date?

No,there is no expiry date for tickets bought after April 1st 2014. This does not apply for tickets bought up until March 31st 2014.

Q. May I use the multi-visit ticket on weekends and holidays?

Yes, it is possible to use on weekends and holidays. However, visitors will be charged ¥300, the fee difference between weekday and weekend & holiday.

Q. Can people other than myself use the multi-visit ticket?

Families and friends can also use the multi-visit ticket. There are 8 visits available per ticket. It is also possible for use for 8 people at the same time. The multi-visit ticket is a great present for friends and families.